Top 10 Best New Zealand Companies- 2018


Have you ever wanted to work or recommend an employer to someone but didn’t know which company to point out?

Here are top 10 best companies New Zealanders are dying to work in this year. Get to know what makes these companies standout of the many others.

What drives these companies?

Employee engagement and participation is the common theme among the companies that are most sought after by job seekers in New Zealand.

Sanchia Yonge, IBM’s GM Smarter Workforce for Australia and New Zealand says, “Year on year we’re seeing more businesses in New Zealand viewing participation as a critical tool to help determine the drivers of business performance.

Before a worker will put in, all efforts for the betterment of a company, then you should know there is a great motivation attached.


Here are the companies that made the list.

1. Overland Footwear

Overland Footwear
Overland Footwear

Merchant 1948 started life as King Country Shoes, formed by an original merchant Guglielmo Anselmi. Seizing the opportunity offered by an unpaid debt, Guglielmo introduced his homeland’s renowned craftmanship, quality and passion to a then unsophisticated footwear market in New Zealand.

Overland Footwear is the latest company to win the IBM award for New Zealand’s overall Best Workplace for 2017, this is the third time the company has received the title in the awards’ 18 years.

Over 35,000 employees from 210 New Zealand companies in the private and public sector were a part of IBM Kenexa’s annual survey.