10 Best-Paying Jobs In Jamaica For 2017, Apart From Businessman Or Politician


Are you earning enough money?

Do you think your current job is going to help you survive the current economy status?

How do you determine whether a job is good enough? You simple check by calculating the amount of money left after paying the bills from your salary.

If the amount left is not enough to last for even a full month, then you might probably have to find another job.

This is where the question comes in; “Do you know which job pays well?”

You wouldn’t think that the best paying jobs in Jamaica are in everyone’s reach, but you might be surprised. It’s worth having a look if some of these jobs might just be right up your alley.


In here is a compilation of 10 Best paying jobs in Jamaica for 2017, apart from businessman or politician.

Take note that the money quoted in this article is in Jamaica Dollars.


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10. Architects

Architects design, plan and oversee the visual aspects of buildings. They are the people that make buildings look great. They also make sure that buildings are practical and use techniques that reduce the costs involved in owning a building, such as electricity and water consumption.

To make it in this industry you need to be very creative and have a keen eye for detail. Design architects will earn an average of JMD 2,080,919 per year. Architects with more than 20 years’ experience will move on to better positions such as becoming the CEO’s of architectural firms.