10 Things You Do Everyday That Are Actually Killing You But You Don’t Know


9. TV

TV is not only the source of harmful radiation, but also harmful information. Most TV spots and programs are far from promoting healthy lifestyles, from the advertising of beer and cigarettes to the negative information from the evening news broadcast.

All these do not only take the health away but also lower self-confidence and instills fear from an early age. Have you ever noticed how little children just “stick” to the TV screen, especially when it shows commercials?



10. Physical inactivity

This is the strongest enemy of today’s youth. Not only cigarettes, alcohol and energy drinks are slowly destroying us, but a sedentary lifestyle multiplies all that by 2 or 3.

Therefore, in order not to suffer from cardiovascular and other diseases after 30-40 years old age, you need to exercise regularly, or at least do the long walks in the fresh air on a daily basis.

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