14 World Most Expensive Luxury Fashion Brands You Can Get Anywhere In Singapore


6. Gucci

Another major trendsetting in the fashion industry is Gucci. The name alone sounds like it was made specifically for fashion, with the way it rolls off the tongue and makes a splash.

The company was founded by designer Guccio Gucci in 1920. In 1921, he was able to open the doors to his first store where the label quickly became known for their high-end leather goods.

Today, the company is worth an estimated $4.2 billion in revenue.



5. Dior

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Christian Dior founded the luxury design company Dior all the way back in 1946. Over fifty years later, the brand still remains in the forefront of the haute-couture scene.


Their work still includes ready-to-wear products, leather, accessories, footwear, jewelry, fragrance, makeup, and skincare products. So many designers are often accused of piggy-backing off of the inspiration of old trends to create new looks that aren’t really that new at all.

But Dior always continues to put out lines that are modern and fresh without coming across too over-the-top, which is so often the case with haute-couture. In 2011, the company declared over $24 billion in annual revenue.

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