30 Facts About Charlie Chaplin That Will Make You Cry Like A Baby


Almost everybody finds Charlie Chaplin movies very funny. There are a lot of facts about Charlie Chaplin that could make you cry anytime you see his photo.

This facts are very sad stories about Charlie Chaplin that were part of his real life and not what happened in movies. Make sure you don’t cry until you finish reading till the last word.


1. He was born Charles Spencer Chaplin on April 16, 1889 in East Street, Walworth of South London according to him. His parents Hannah Chaplin and Charles Chaplin Sr. were both music hall entertainers. He had two half brothers, Sydney John Hill and George Wheeler Dryden.


2. Chaplin childhood was full of poverty and hardship. He was sent to workhouse at the age of seven.

The council housed him at the ‘Central London District School’ and ‘Norwood Schools’ for paupers. He is the best example of rags to riches.



3. After his mother was sent to Cane Hill mental asylum, he and his brother Sydney went to live with their father, an alcoholic. They were rescued by ‘National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.’


4. With the help of his father he became a member of ‘Eight Lancashire Lads clog-dancing’ troupe, who toured the music hall of Great Britain.

He abandoned his studies and with his mother’s relapse, he registered with theatrical agency in London’s West End. He was cast in H.A Saintsbury’s ‘Jim a Romance of Cockayne’ for his first role as a newsboy. The show was closed after two weeks.


5. He secured a role in the Charles Frohman’s production ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ as Billy the pageboy. His performance was well appreciated and was called to London to play the role alongside William Gillette.

In May 1906, he joined the juvenile act Casey’s Circus, where he developed popular burlesque pieces and was the star of the show. He became an accomplished comedic performer by July 1907, however an attempt for solo act was a failure.