12 Attractions At Marina Bay That Will Make You Fall In Love With Singapore


Marina Bay is a bay situated at the Central area of Singapore surrounded by other planning areas including Down Town, Marina East, Marina South and Straits. The Area surrounding the Bay which is also called Marina Bay is the Marina Bay I am referring to in my article.

During a research, I found out 12 Attractions at Marina Bay that is actually going to make everyone who is reading this article fall in love with Singapore forever.

With my findings, I could easily say that the Government of Singapore spent a lot of money on Marina Bay to make it attract everybody across the globe and that is exactly what it is.


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According to wikipedia, The Government spent $35 million just on the 3.5km Waterfront Promenade around the Bay.


That is a lot of money right there right?. Read on and you will see that the money not in vein.

Enough of the talking. Let’s get to the main point. It is not about ranking here so I can bring any of the sites first but I will surely save the best for the last.

1 . The Youth Olympic Park

olympic youths park-singapore
Youth Olympic Park

This is the first Art Park in Singapore. The Park was named after the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (2010 Summer Youth Olympics).

The park provides shady and very cool corners for visitors to rest. The best part is, you have a very great environment to take super cool photos. The Park is located at Raffles Avenue.


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