12 Attractions At Marina Bay That Will Make You Fall In Love With Singapore


12. ArtScience Museum

The first ArtScience Museum in the whole world is located in within the Marina Bay Sands resort. The building is in a form of Lotus flower. Inside the building are 21 ArtScience Galleries for exhibition purposes.

The ArtScience Museum is said to also host tourist exhibitions curated by other Museums.



During a night walk around the city of Marina Bay, you will see a totally different version of all the places I mentioned.


Finally, I have arrived at number 12. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Singapore that I have not discussed here. Since I am not going to continue to number 13, Let me use this opportunity to thank every one who has read up my article to this far.

It is a very pretty and awesome feeling to travel to another man’s land and observe the environment. I love Singapore a lot. It is a pretty great country for tourists. I don’t know which countries you have been to before but I know you still saw something.



Where have you been to before?

Did you see some attractions?

Can you recommend a country with beautiful tourist sites compared to Singapore?

Leave a comment below.

Thank you all once again.



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