34 Kiwis Slangs That Make Foreigners Beg For Their Life


When someone first asked me, “Do you have a brolly? It’s raining!” I was as clueless as a pirate wearing two eye-patches.

Kiwi slang can be daunting not just for new migrants but seasoned settlers.

Hearing about New Zealand from a Foreign country, you will definitely believe English language is widely spoken across the country but little will you know the English spoken in New Zealand is not as accurate as we see in written books or on the internet.

There are many words that when talking to a Kiwi born, you will definitely ask for an interpretation. Sometimes foreigners fall victim of nodding to teasing words from their Kiwi friends just because they don’t understand the slang. I know these are just few of them and I will be really happy if you can add the others I skipped in the comment section.

34 Kiwi Slang That Make Foreigners Beg For Their Life
34 Kiwi Slang That Make Foreigners Beg For Their Life

Here are 34 Kiwi slang that makes foreigners beg for their life

Across the ditch: In Australia. Also referred to as Down Under

Curry Muncher: An Indian. (Yes that’s what they call all of you from the subcontinent.)

Dole: Unemployment benefit or social welfare payment paid by WINZ (Work and Income New Zealand.)

Dairy: A small shop in the neighbourhood. Also known as the corner store.

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