7 Mindblowing Things You Didn’t Know About Isibaya Actress Linda Mtoba


It’s just been a couple of months since Linda Mtoba joined Isibaya. The perfect performer however dependably comes up as a slanting point via web-based networking media each time Isibaya show. Her looks are obvious and she’s effortlessly turning into the new top choice. Look at 7 things you didn’t think about Isibaya’s Linda Mtoba.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Isibaya’s Linda Mtoba

1. She was brought up in Umlazi and lives in Durban North at this point. She just returns and forward to Johannesburg to shoot her Isibaya scenes.

2. Before getting Zama’s part on Isibaya, Linda had never been included in acting. She took a risk and tried out and got the part.

3. She used to be an educator, showing IsiZulu at an elementary school from Grade 1 to Grade 5.


4. The 24 year old has since stopped educating and is concentrating on her acting vocation. She is likewise considering Marketing Management low maintenance.

5. She considers herself to be somebody who is straightforward. “I’m a windbag, extremely garrulous, somebody who likes clever images… it’s my identity,” she says.

6.She confessed to having been captivated by Menzi Ngubane when she joined Isibaya.

7. The shocking on-screen character is taken, she regularly posts her bae on Instagram.


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