7 Things People Imagine When You Say You Are From New Zealand


“New Zealand? Where in the world is that?”, “Oh, so you’re from Auckland?”, “New Zealand is part of Australia, right?”. These and many other things we have heard or still hearing overtime. Check out these 7 things People get wrong about New Zealand.

1. “New Zealand is part of Australia, right?”

Don’t say that to a New Zealander. Period. That’s like telling a Canadian that their country belongs to the US, confusing Ireland with Scotland, or thinking Denmark and Sweden are the same place.


No one likes cultural ignorance, and this one will probably sting Kiwis a bit too hard.

2. “Oh, so you’re from Auckland?”

Because a huge chunk of the country’s population is concentrated in the largest city, getting asked about Auckland has become a common stereotype in its own right.

Which isn’t too great for the people living in the provinces. Think about the latter group before asking this question, and remember, New Zealand is small, but it’s not that small.