Debbie Soh Wins First Gold Medal In 29th SEAGames


KUALA LUMPUR – Synchronized swimmer Debbie Soh stowed the Republic’s first gold of the 29th SEA Games in the wake of completing best in the performance free routine at the National Aquatic Center on Thursday (Aug 17).

Countryman Miya Yong, 17, took bronze in a similar occasion.

The 19-year-old scored a total of 75.0000 (22.3000 for execution, 30.000 for artistic impression and 22.7000 for difficulty), while compatriot Miya, 17, scored 73.0333 (22.2000 for execution, 28.9333 for artistic impression and 21.9000 for difficulty).

Malaysia’s Lee Yhing Huay is second with 74.7000.


Soh, addressing the media, said she was charmed to win Singapore’s first gold award: “I’ve been training really hard and attending a lot of overseas competitions and training camps for this Games. So to know that my hard work has paid off means quite a lot to me, as well as the people who are supporting me.”

Soh and Miya will compete in the solo technical routine later on Thursday evening.


“Going into tonight’s solo technical, I’m hoping we can keep the ball rolling for Team Singapore. Since we got the first gold and bronze medals (for synchronised swimming), we are hoping to keep this streak going or do even better,” Soh added.

The combine were a piece of the group who won Singapore’s first-since forever SEA Games synchronized swimming gold in 2015, when they rose best in the group specialized and free standard. Alternate swimmers in the group were Stephanie Chen, Natalie Chen, Lee Mei Shuang, Crystal Yap, Gwyneth Goh, Geraldine Chew, Shona Lim and Tay Aik Fen.


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