Forbes Top 10 Richest Politicians And Their Networth 2018


It is quiet obvious you can’t know how much money each politician bag home per year in relation to their political standards. While we can’t be sniffing into their personal life, we can somehow look at how much money they have by looking at the kind of properties they have acquired. Some of them might not have acquired these things through politics but as long as they are tagged ‘Politician’, it is worth delving into.

Why is this so important? 

Well, someone will definitely get motivated going into politics and another person might also get to know which pockets the tax payers’ money went into. Guess I answered that correctly.????

New Zealand’s wealthiest property-owning politician controls a $68.4 million land bank nearly as big as the nearby town of Feilding.


This list was generated by the property networth of each politician in New Zealand.

10. Dr Paul Hutchison – $4.3 Million

Dr Paul Hutchison

Charles Paul Telford Hutchison, known as Paul Hutchison is a New Zealand politician and former health professional. He is a member of the National Party, which he represented in the House of Representatives from 1999 to 2014.