Here Are The Amount Of Tax-payers’ Money Jamaica Politicians Take Home Every Month


Housing allowance is not given to backbenchers or the deputy speaker.

All mp’s except backbenchers get $78,000 as subsistence per year and most get a telephone allowance each year amounting to $30,000.


All mp’s are also entitled to a chauffeur and constituency secretary. That constituency secretary gets $956,000 per year and the chauffeurs get between $469,000 and $500,000 basic but that can be supplemented with commuted overtime and subsistence which can run an additional $190,000 to $260,000.



Cabinet members, junior minsters and parliamentary secretaries are also allowed household help with ministers getting 2 and the junior ministers and parliamentary secretaries one each.

The household staff are paid by parliament at a cost of $481,000 each per year.”

So that is exactly how much of tax-payers’ money they bank every month.

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