How To Read Xcel Energy Bills And Payment Options


Xcel Energy bills are somehow complicated for some people to comprehend. Let us take the bill and understand what each of the portions means.

That is the only way we can know if it is a fair deal or not.

Xcel Energy Bills Breakdown

xcel energy bill sample

The image above is a bill sample which we will explain with the demarcations on the sheet explained separately. The bill is just a sample bill from the Xcel Energy website so the information on it is not personal.

1. The Graph Representation

The first thing you see on your bill is the left side of the sheet where there are two separate graph representations.

The first graph represents your monthly usage of electricity for the previous 13 months. Below that, you have useful information including the daily average temperature, daily KWh consumption, and the rate.

The second graph represents your monthly usage of natural gas for the previous 13 months. It also shows the average daily temperature, average daily usage, and the rate. It also compares the current year and previous year’s information.

Below the graphs is Xcel Energy’s Contact Information.

2. Customer Information

This part of the bill shows the customer’s name, address, account number, due date, the amount due, statement number, and statement date.

In short, it is actually where you look to know who the bill belongs to.

3. Summary of Charges and Balance Information

This one shows the summary of your bill for both electricity and gas. The Xcel Energy billing cycle is a one-month cycle so you will see the date range for the particular bill. Below that, you will see your total bill labeled “Current Charges”.

The balance information also shows your previous balance, how much you have paid and how much is carried forward to add up to the new bill. The end of it shows you how much you are supposed to pay currently labeled “Amount Due”.

It should always be your priority to keep all your balances as closer to $0.00 as possible.

4. Bill Summary

The fourth portion of the bill shows everything on the bill in summary. Below the Xcel Energy Logo, is the customer’s address information.

On the right of the logo is the account number, due date, amount due, and when you are supposed to finish making payment.

Below this, you will see the company’s address which when folded properly will make the entire bill a pre-addressed envelope. I will explain when to use this in the Payment Methods section below.

In short, you can just look at this area and know everything about the entire bill without reading everything above.

Xcel Energy Bills Payment Methods

Xcel Energy also put their customers first in every way possible. This includes giving them so many ways to manage their payments.

There are so many payment methods to the extent that everyone can have their favorite.


You can make a one-time or recurring payment with your checking account. can also help you make your payments. These methods of payment are completely free with no extra charges.

There is also a Third Party method where you can use  Kubra EZPay with Credit Card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay to make your Xcel Energy Bills payment. Note that this comes at an extra cost.


Mobile App

You can use the Xcel Energy Mobile app to make payments as well. There is one for both Android and iOS so you can download and start using it.

The My Account feature in the app allows you to make payments with your Debit or Credit Card free of charge. You don’t pay anything for making payments with the app.

Phone Payments

There is the option to also make payments over the phone. You can easily call 800-895-4999 to make payments using your checking account for free with no charges apply.

There is also a Third Party option over the phone where you can use your Debit or Credit Card to make payments. This option involves you paying some transaction charges.

If you want to pay over the phone with your checking or savings account, you must be ready with your routing transit number and your account number itself.

Pay Xcel Energy Bills In Person

Use the Xcel Energy PayStation Map to find a pay station and go there to make your payments. You can pay using cash or money order at a fee of $1.50 per bill.

If you are paying multiple bills, you can use a single money order to pay for all.

To pay in person, you must go to the Pay Station with your Xcel Energy Account Number or your Bill Stub.

Pay Via Mail

Make payments via mail by simply mailing your payment along with your payment stub to:

Xcel Energy

P.O. Box 9477

Minneapolis, MN 55484-9477

There is a pre-addressed envelope( the one I mentioned earlier) included in your monthly bill so you can always enclose your bill, add a postage stamp and drop it in the mailbox.

If you misplace your return envelope, you can always send your payment and bill stub to the address above to get it back.


This is the simplest and hassle-free way to make your payments. With this method, you get to schedule your payments to be deducted from your checking account every time.

If you enroll on this option, you don’t have to worry about paying your bills manually again because it will automatically pay on your due date.

To enroll on this, you must provide your Xcel Energy Account number, your checking account number, and routing transit number.


If you are an Xcel Energy Inc. customer, then this is the complete information about how to manage your bills.

Knowing how to read and pay them is very necessary and I have outlined all the necessary information you need right here.

Probably there is something I didn’t touch on about the bills, you can always let me know in the comment section.


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