If You Don’t Do These 12 Things, You Are Not A New Zealander


‘Bringing a plate’ whenever you’re invited over for dinner

In New Zealand, pot luck is king. Whenever you’re headed for a barbecue, a low-key lunch or a sit-down meal, it’s customary to ‘bring a plate’ (with food – don’t get that mixed up!) or some drinks and nibbles to share. Sometimes, the host will ask to bring something specific, others it’s completely up to you.

Having fish and chips on a Friday night


Takeaway foods like burgers, Chinese, pizzas and are quite popular among New Zealanders – but nothing ever beats this traditional food staple. Fish and chips have always been the favourite choice for an end of the week treat, and many Kiwis will be able to point you to the best chippie shops in the area that they live in.

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