Justin Bieber In SA – Everything to Know About The Concert


Justin Bieber is coming to South Africa. Here is everything you must know about the concert and where it will take place.

Justin Bieber is a Canadian star who is very popular around the world. He is known for producing hit songs including “Sorry“, “Baby” and featuring on “Despacito“, which made the song go viral.

Justin Bieber – Justice World Tour

The Justice World Tour will be starting in early 2022 through 2023. According to the plan, he is touring five continents, performing in twenty countries, and playing more than 90 dates.

He will be making a stop in South Africa to perform two dates for the fans in the country.

His performance is scheduled for 28 September 2022 at the DHL Sports Stadium, Cape Town.

The next performance will be on 1 October 2022 at FNB Sports Stadium, Johannesburg.

From there, he will continue the tour through 2023 till ending of the first quarter before he will go back home.


While the Tour is still under review by his team, these are the dates currently set for his performances. Should there be any changes, I will update this page.

You can also purchase your tickets ahead of time from his website. One person can purchase a maximum of six tickets. If you buy more, you risk losing all or some of your tickets.

What To Expect

This is Justin Bieber and he is definitely not coming alone. There are definitely other amazing stars that are coming with him so you must not miss this show for anything.

I also think the Stadium is the best venue for this kind of show. I am also imagining a full stadium.

Let me know how you feel about this concert.


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