Lamar Jackson Net Worth, Cars, House and Girlfriend


Lamar Jackson net worth is $13.7 million. There are so many things you must know about him and I will cover all of that in this article.

Lamar Demeatrice Jackson Jr, born on 7 January 1997 is Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback.

He has been with Baltimore Ravens since 2018 after his college games at Louisville. His career so far has progressed rapidly since the college games till now.

Let’s take a look at the wealth the young champ has made out of his career so far.

Lamar Jackson Net Worth, House and Cars

Lamar Jackson net worth is approximately $13.7 million. The Ravens quarterback will amass more wealth than this in the future. According to Spotrac, he signed a five years rookie contract earlier that will make him even more money.

In total, the first year of the contract should amount to a bit over $5.4 million, the second year, $1 million adds up, the third year, $1.5 million ads up, the fourth year, $1.7 million additional earnings, and the final year he gets $23 million.

He is currently in his fourth year so we will assume he has a bit over $9.7 million additional funds to his $4 million net worth before signing the contract. By the end of the contract after 2022, he should be getting a bit over $32.7 million in addition to his $4 million net worth before the contract.

At the end of the contract, we should expect Lamar Jackson net worth to increase massively.


Right after signing the contract, Lamar Jackson bought a $1.3 million mansion on 3 acres of land in Baltimore. The mansion is one of the largest in that area.

He also bought a house for his mom in the same area earlier.



At the moment the only car we have seen Lamar Jackson drive is the Mercedes Benz SL500 Grand Edition.

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Family and Girlfriend

His mother is Felicia Jones and his father is Lamar Jackson Snr who died of a heart attack in 2005.

He has other siblings including his brother Jamar Jackson.

According to rumors, he is currently single without any girlfriend. Earlier, he dated model and social media influencer Jamie Taylor. According to Otakukart, the relationship is said to have lasted for 2 to 3 years but ended in 2020.


Lamar Jackson’s net worth is currently around $13.7 million however, he is likely going to go way above that in the coming year.

After taking his first big paycheck, he bought a house for his mom and later bought a mansion for himself.

So far, he is single but he has been confirmed to be in a relationship earlier.

I will keep this page updated with any future developments.

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