List Of 10 Jamaican Celebrities With The Highest Fans Worldwide – 2017


Who is your favorite Jamaican celebrity? Do you know the number of fans they have across the world?

This is the list of 10 Jamaican celebrities with the highest fans worldwide – 2017.

How was this list compiled?
Well, to know a celebrity’s fan base worldwide, you can easily judge by looking at their social media followers.

Here is t the top 10 Jamaican celebrities with the highest Facebook followers worldwide.


1. Bob Marley

73 511 442 (Seventy-three million, five hundred and eleven thousand, four hundred and forty-two) followers.


2. Usain Bolt

19 421 924 (Nineteen million, four hundred and twenty-one thousand, nine hundred and twenty-four) followers.



3. Sean Paul

11 180 026 (Eleven million, one hundred and eighty thousand and twenty-six) followers.


4. Sean Kingston

9 089 936 (Nine million and eighty-nine thousand, nine hundred and thirty-six) followers.


5. Chris Gayle

7 985 846 (Seven million, nine hundred and eighty-five thousand, eight hundred and forty-six ) followers.