List Of 10 Jamaican Celebrities With The Highest Fans Worldwide – 2017


6. Dr. Bilal Philips

6 195 555 (Six million, one hundred and ninety-five thousand, five hundred and fifty-five ) followers.


7. Damian Marley

5 135 603 (Five million, one hundred and thirty-five thousand, six hundred and three) followers.


8. Ziggy Marley

4 696 233 (Four million, six hundred and ninety-six thousand, two hundred and thirty-three) followers.



9.Stephen Marley

2 974 661 (Two million, nine hundred and seventy-four thousand, six hundred and sixty-one ) followers.


10. Shaggy

2 052 803 (Two million and fifty-two thousand, eight hundred and three) followers.


These are the top 10 Jamaican celebrities with the highest fans on Facebook. Use the arrows to see who tops one twitter.