LOL: Kenyans Blast Uhuru Kenyatta With His #ChatwithUhuru


His excellency the President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta decided to impress his disappointed citizens by giving them a chance to chat with him on 23rd July, 2017 using #ChatwithUhuru. It is not yet time for his little chat but the messages that are currently being spread all over through his hash tag proves that the citizens of Kenya are really disappointed in him.

See what some  of the citizens wrote;

“Dear mr president as a graduate I have “tarmacked”.can’t access gvt jobs due to corruption.What’s your plan 4 me?  “

“Since suffering Cholera like symptoms, Bae won’t make to the campaign trail Instead of FB as he sips Jameson & blows herbs ?”

“Dear 36 bloggers, I could but i hardly chat with frauds and masterminds of economic sabotage.”

“Apart from the dummy projects you launched and collapsed e.g sigir bridge. Give me 5 reasons why i should give you 5 years?” 

for the past 4 years we’ve experienced strikes from teachers,doctors,lectures &nurses and they r never heard but humiliated!!”


That is what happened on twitter.

Lets look at what is going on with Uhuru Kenyatta followers on Facebook. I bet you that is the worst of all the stuffs that are already posted on twitter. The comments are too much and are really a prove that the citizens are really disappointed in their president.


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