Top 10 Most Dangerous Places In New Zealand


Using data from NZ Police websites, we determine the most dangerous places in New Zealand currently. The data is freely available and anyone can access them without any limitation.

You can be really careful but one thing I’m so sure of is the fact that you can’t be careful all the time. Don’t let it be too late, know the most dangerous places in New Zealand so you don’t get caught up in those places unsecured.

Where were people hit hardest by crime over the last few years – and why?

Crime is something that happens everywhere on planet earth which New Zealand is not an exception.  Using crime statistics from the NZ Police website, we were able to determine which places in New Zealand were more dangerous than others.

The data includes assault, sexual assaults, burglary, abduction, robbery, and theft. Also, note that the data is only for cases that the Police have intercepted.

All other cases that people didn’t report are not part of this data. The data shows crime reports between a one-year period. I will also be comparing the year in question to the previous year’s crime report.

The data is going for the city where people got hit the most.

Without talking much, let’s take a look at the most dangerous places in New Zealand currently.

1. Auckland

This city being the most populated city in New Zealand, there is no doubt this city will record more crimes than the rest. Auckland holds over 30 per cent of the country’s entire population so it’s obvious the numbers will be way up.

The more populated a place is, the easier criminals breed. Since this city has more people than anywhere else in New Zealand, there is definitely going to be more crimes here than elsewhere.

Let’s take a look at the Police crime snapshot below.

Auckland - most dangerous places in New Zealand

Just like most cities, theft and burglary are the most common crimes. While the numbers are up for the entire Auckland, the crime hotspots still remain in the area around Manukau Central, South Auckland, and Harbourside. It doesn’t mean the other places are very safe. No matter where you are, you still must make safety a priority.

If you look at the data most of the crimes from the previous year reduced significantly. Even though some of the crimes were reduced, still this year’s total crime exceeds the previous year’s by 4,708 which is quite huge.

2. Christchurch City

Christchurch City is on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. The crime statistics show that this place is one of the most dangerous places in New Zealand. Cathedral Square of Christchurch city is where people got hit the most.

The most common type of crime in this area is “theft” which had 15,230 victimisations last year and the year before, it was 15,060. You can use the screenshot below to compare the figures.

Christchurch city crime report - most dangerous places in New Zealand

A total crime of 24,099 compared to 23,844 for the previous year shows that crimes have gone up by 255.

As the data shows, you can see that burglary is another popular crime in this part of New Zealand. When living in this area, you must make the safety of your home a top priority.

It is also important to keep yourself safe and always watch where you thread and at what time you go out. You should also be your neighbours’ watchman and they shall do the same for you.

3. Hamilton City

Hamilton is one of the most popular cities on the Northern Island of New Zealand. While the crime rate is dropping drastically elsewhere, Hamilton City crime rates seem to be going up.

Looking at the population ratio and the number of crimes, this city seems to be one of the most dangerous places in New Zealand currently. Take a look at the crime snapshot below.

Hamilton City - Most dangerous places in New Zealand

You can tell crimes increased by 1701 from the previous year. Apart from abduction which dropped by more than 50%, the rest of the crimes increased drastically.

Theft and burglary are high in this area so it is very important to make personal safety a top priority. Most thieves only make a move when there is a great chance of success so do not create any chance for them.

4. Wellington City

Wellington City is the capital of New Zealand. Since this is the capital, it is definitely where lots of people are going to gather and that makes it a target for thieves as well.

Even though there are quite a few changes in the crime heatmap, I will still say total crimes in Wellington is reducing almost every year. Take a look at the NZ Police Crime snapshot and you will understand what I am talking about.

wellington city - most dangerous places in New Zealand

I don’t know how the Police and residents are cooperating in Wellington but I can say they are doing a really good job. Total crimes for the previous year was 9,950 but it is now 9,807 in the year under review. It means 143 fewer crimes in the year under review.

No matter what the figures, people must still be on the lookout and also make safety the number one priority.

5. Tauranga

Tauranga is a harbourside city in the Bay Of Plenty. As far as I know, most coastal cities closer to a harbour get the most criminal cases. Not specifically to New Zealand but almost every coastal city I know of.

I believe is probably because the thieves know different kinds of people arrives at the harbour every day with different kind of goods. So they take their chances to steal from the unsuspecting visitors.

The place people are hit the most is Tauranga Central. That is where most crimes are committed.


The Tauranga crimes increased by 70 comparing the previous year crimes with the year under review. Saying it is not much is like saying “70 more people getting victimized is nothing” so it is serious.

Still, there are more theft and burglary crimes here too.


6. Palmerston North

Palmerston North is one of the great cities on North Island. This land holds lots of New Zealand’s history and is a good place for tourists. This is a good place by all standards but you still have to be on the lookout for criminals.

Theft is really high in this area which is why you must be on the lookout for yourself and for your neighbour too. Check the Police Crime-snapshot below.

As you can see, total crime increased by 276 comparing the previous year figures to the year under review. You can also see that theft alone increased by 301 within a year.

That should tell how serious theft can get in this city. Whether you are a citizen or a visitor, always make sure you take personal safety very seriously.

7. Rotorua

Rotorua is a lakeside city also on the North Island. This city is one of the historic places to be. I will say if you want to see the true culture of the Maori people, this is one of the best places you can get to know how they live.

The natural bubbling mud pools around this area attracts lots of tourists so people from everywhere come and leave this place all the time.

Let’s take a look at the crime rates here.

Total crimes dropped from 6,466 to 5,998 and that is a big 468 fewer crimes. Looking at the total crimes, 468 fewer crimes is a great achievement. Kuirau is believed to be the crime hotspot where people are hit the most in this city.

8. Lower Hutt

Lower Hutt is also in the Wellington Region of New Zealand. This is the city is in the valley taking about half of the Hutt Valley.

With this city being the sixth most populous city in New Zealand, you can’t be expecting absolute peace. At least there will be a few crimes here and there.

Let’s take a look at the crime snapshot for this city.

From the crime snapshot data, it is easy to say that crime is reducing. Apart from Theft and abduction, we can say that crime reduced drastically comparing previous crimes to the year under review.

9. Napier

Napier is one of the iconic cities on New Zealand’s North Island. Having a history of earthquakes, the city has developed beautifully over time.

You can also say this city is quite a dangerous place since the crime rate here is really high. The population is not really huge but the number of crimes per year somehow are high per the population ratio.

Let’s take a look at the crime snapshot.

It is really good to see the crime rate going down in this region. Crime at Napier dropped by 480 when you compare the total crime for the year under review with the previous year.

While the crime rate goes down, you must also take personal security into account and help it go down further.

The Police and the citizens come together to fight crime so it is always important to report to the Police whenever you see something suspicious.

10. Whangārei

Whangārei is one of the major tourist destinations on New Zealand’s North Island. Apart from Whangārei Falls, there are other beautiful and historic sceneries around the town.

This place slots 10th on the “most dangerous places in New Zealand” list because it has quite a low population to crime ratio compared to most other places.

Let’s take a look at the crime snapshot below.

Whangārei crimes increased by 48 when comparing the year under review to the previous year. It is not much but it doesn’t mean you have to loosen your guard here.

You must always make safety your top priority.

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This information is sourced from the NZ Police Website. If you look at the data you will realize Auckland has the highest number of total crimes. I don’t see it to be too much since Auckland has the most population in New Zealand.

You can also see that Wellington, Rotorua, Lower Hutt, and Napier had reduced total crimes over a year period. This means that we can actually fight and reduce crime rates in our societies.

When you look carefully at the data, you will realize the most popular crimes are “Theft” and “Burglary“. These are crimes we can fight by taking personal safety just a bit more serious.

You don’t have to be a Police to fight crime. If you don’t give the Police any information, there will be no way the Police will know the criminals.

While we support the Police with the necessary information, let us also stay vigilant and make personal safety our top priority. If there is no chance of success, a criminal won’t attempt.

In short, crime is something we cannot eradicate completely but we can control it to some extent. Let us try our best to help reduce the crimes in our society.