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Need A Job In Jamaica? Visit This Top 10 jobsite For This 2017


Need A Job In Jamaica? Visit This Top 10 jobsite For This 2017

You are done with school for now and responsibilities and debts are knocking. However, with the few experiences you have garnered along the way and the many subjects you have acquired- jobs are SUPER difficult to find.

With the rough economic climate ever present, it is difficult to know the organizations which are hiring and most youngsters have no idea where to start looking.

Have no fear, the Clarendon Y.I.C is here. Below are a list of places to help make  the job hunting process easier.

These places are not ranked in any particular order of importance of effectiveness. They all work, which is why we decided to share.

1. Caribbean Jobs Jamaica http://www.caribbeanjobs.com/Jamaica  They allow you to subscribe and receive updates via email on the latest vacancies available in a wide variety of areas across the Caribbean.


2. Career Jamaica Jobs http://www.careerjamaica.com/  They also do subscriptions and provide updates on jobs in over 48 Categories across Jamaica.


3. Splash Jamaica http://www.splashjamaica.com/ They allow you to upload a full resume and send alerts based on the qualifications you identify. The updates are not frequently sent, so you have to visit the page to keep updated.



4. E-jam Jobs https://employmentjamaica.com/  E-jam provides job

listings from Domestic Helper to CEO positions in larger companies locally and internationally. No subscription is required and users are not required to upload resumes. However, the option for subscription is available and successful job applicants through this site have a few conditions to adhere to.


5. LMIS (Labour Market Information System)  http://www.lmis.gov.jm/  This is a government based database where you upload your resume and have access to a wide array of jobs. LMIS also allows users to apply for Farm Work programmes as well as jobs from government agencies and private sectors across the island.  It also allows University and College Students to apply for Work and Travel Programmes as well.


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