Need A Job In Jamaica? Visit This Top 10 jobsite For This 2017


9. Gleaner Classifieds Career Section  This is the online version of the Gleaner’s Career  section, however, it contains less job postings  than the hard (physical) copy.


10. Websites of Potential Employers/ Career Section eg Grace Kennedy, Ministry of Youth and Culture    So, if you are interested in finding a job at a particular company but not sure if they are hiring, you should visit their websites. Most companies have a  section for Careers or Vacancies on their website.

Visiting the website of the place you want to work may give you first hand contact with vacancies which puts in a better stead.


We hope this information was helpful, with a resume that is well prepared and the right attitudes, you should be well on your way to landing that dream job.

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Successful job hunt! to all those who need a job.