Top 10 Best Schools In New Zealand – 2020

Want to know which school is the best school in New Zealand currently? Here are the Top 10 Best Schools In New Zealand 10. St Margaret’s College St Margaret’s College is an independent girls’ school in Christchurch, New Zealand founded on Anglican Christian values. It offers the dual academic pathway of NCEA and International Baccalaureate.

Top 10 Richest Beggars In The World – 2019

Begging is one of the things that we do not regard as a job neither do we imagine people could build/purchase mansions out of begging for pennies by the roadside. In here, is the list of top 10 richest beggars in the world. 10. Rongfeng The second on our list is Rongfeng. He was extremely […]

Top 10 Highest Paid New Zealand Athletes

How much do these athletes make everytime they show up for a game? Here are the top 10 highest paid New Zealand athletes you must know. 10. Sonny Bill Williams Sonny Bill Williams is a New Zealand rugby union footballer, heavyweight boxer and former rugby league footballer. He is only the second person to represent […]

Top 10 Best Academic Institutions To Study In New Zealand

New Zealand is among one of the most preferred destinations for higher education. New Zealand offers internationally recognized qualifications and a very conducive environment for learning. Here are the top 10 best academic institutions to study in New Zealand. 10. OTAGO POLYTECHNIC Established in 1870, the Otago Polytechnic traces its origins to the Dunedin School […]

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In New Zealand – 2019

Selecting a career has never been easy. Why is it so? Basically because most people don’t have insights into the top careers available. Here is an insight into some of the jobs that pay really well in New Zealand. 10. Lawyer Law is a fairly solid career option, regardless of where you are in the […]

Top 10 High Paying Jobs Without Degree In Jamaica

Top 10 High Paying Jobs Without Degree In Jamaica

Here is the list of 10 Highest paying jobs in Jamaica that can rake in more than $100,000 USD annually but doesn’t require bachelors degree. 10. GAS PLANT OPERATOR – $4,533,000 ANNUALLY In Jamaica To be a gas plant operator you will need a high school diploma or an equivalent with the relevant training. Gas […]

15 Amazing Things Only Jamaican Moms Teach Their Kids

This is what real Jamaican moms teach their kids. If you are grew up without experiencing or taking just one of these lessons from your mom, then I will say your mom didn’t give you much time. 15 important lessons only a Jamaican mom will teach you Reasons why I love my Jamaican Mom 1. […]

Top 10 Things Everybody Hate About Jamaicans

Jamaica is one of the most interesting places in the world. Aside the fact that everybody loves their way of life especially their music, there are other things that most people don’t like about Jamaicans but they are always quiet about it because they can’t tell it to your face. Here are top 10 things […]

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places In Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean but aside the beautiful places, there are other horrifying stuffs that goes on Jamaica that makes some of the cities in Jamaica the most dangerous for travelers and even the citizens. It is not that I’m degrading the country but truth be told, there […]