The 15 Richest Jamaicans Alive And Their Networth


Wondering who is the richest person in Jamaica currently? Look no further as we list the richest Jamaicans and how much money they have in their possession. Starting from the bottom up. If Bob Marley was alive he would have been the 3rd Wealthiest Living Jamaican with a net worth of US $130 million. However, since we are talking about the wealthiest Jamaicans alive, we have to take him off the list.

15. Maxi Priest – US $ 10 million.

Maxi Priest holds the 15th spot on the list and has a Net-worth of US $ 10 million. He was born in June 1961, in England to Jamaican parents who moved to live in London. He has enjoyed a long career as a hit producer. His singles have topped many charts and he has been putting out music for many years between 1985 and 2014. His single “Close to You” became a number 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, no.2 on the US R&B Chart and no. 2 in New Zealand, Sweden and Norway. He is the most successful Reggae fusion artiste of all time.

14. David Nesta Marley – US $ 10 million

David Nesta Marley who is also known as Ziggy Marley holds the number 14 spot on the list and has a Net-worth of US $ 10 million. He is the eldest son for Rita and Bob Marley, and he was born in Kingston, Jamaica in October 1968. He produced “Children Playing in the Streets” with his father and his siblings and became the Melody Makers. They played at their father’s funeral in 1981. The group won 3 Grammy awards. He did 10 studio albums after that and charted in 10 countries. He has won many Grammy awards.


His Album “Love is my Religion” was another hit that won a Grammy for Best Reggae album and made him more popular. He also did an album that won the Grammy award for Best musical album for children.

13. Sean Paul – US $ 12 million

Sean Paul whose given name is Ryan Francis Henriques OD holds the 13th spot on the list and has a Net-worth of US $ 12 million. In 1999 he made waves in America, and later released his mega hit song “Jus Gimmi de Light”. He has been a big superstar ever since he attracted international attention. He has released many other hit songs that has entered charts. He has released 6 solo studio albums and won a Grammy award in 2004.
He made several hit singles in Jamaica before he became an international superstar. His latest single is, “When it Come to You” it was released in 2019.


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