The Hidden Link Between Skin Cancer And Sunglasses


According to Dr Kevin Hamill of the University of Liverpool, everyone should wear sunglasses.

Okay, okay, his reason for making such a statement wasn’t because the right pair of sunglasses can make anyone look instantly hella stylish.

Rather, and more importantly, because sunglasses are major players when it comes to preventing sun cancer.

This juicy piece of information came about from a study on skin cancer, the results of which were presented at the British Association of Dermatologists annual conference in Liverpool, reports IOL.

Dr Hamill explained that between five and 10 percent of all skin cancers appear on the eyelids, and promptly recommended wearing sunglasses as a suitable prevention method.

He listed a few other prevention pointers for everyone, reports Net Doctor:

1. Know your risk

Around 8 in 10 cases of melanoma could be prevented if we took better care in the sun. It causes 2500 deaths a year in the UK – that’s seven people every day. People who burn more easily are at higher risk so should take more care.


2. Take the lead

Children lead by example and when we spoke to parents, 74 per cent said they always make sure sunscreen of at least factor 15 is applied to their children, yet only 28 per cent of UK adults with children always applied it to themselves.

3. Keep yourself protected at home as well as away

You can’t feel UV radiation, so it’s very easy to get sunburnt in the UK, even when it’s not particularly warm. UV levels are highest between the start of April and end of September in the UK, so remember to pop sunscreen, hats and sunglasses in your handbag when heading out. And stay in the shade as much as possible.

4. All the gear

It’s important to make sure you cover up when the sun is strong – it’s the first thing you should think about for sun protection. That means long-sleeved tops, wide-brimmed hats or caps and sunglasses.

While sunscreen and a hat are necessary too, Dr Hamill noted in his address that they don’t do too well protecting your eyes’ cornea.

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[source: iol&netdoctor]



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