The Top 10 Richest Caribbean Countries – Jamaica Drops To 11


8. St Lucia – $11, 427 GDP per capita

Traditionally, St Lucia gained most of its riches from banana cultivation. However, in October of 2010, Hurricane Tomas battered many of St Lucia’s banana crops which, once recovered, were then largely hit with black sigatoka disease.

A decrease in the pricing of bananas as a result of increased competition from Latin America has also thwarted export figures.

As a result, the island has had to turn towards other industries. Thankfully, this the emergence of a prosperous tourism industry has bolstered the economy.

The island has also attracted foreign investment in petroleum storage and transshipment.


7. Dominica – $12, 426 GDP per capita

A mere 6 years ago, in 2008, Dominica had the lowest GDP of any of the East Caribbean states. Since, however, things have turned around for the island. Agriculture – particularly banana crops – are central to this regained prosperity. Banana production employs a third of the population.


However, in response to a change in European Union banana trade preferences, Dominica has placed emphasis on the production of coffee, aloe vera, exotic fruits and manufactured soaps to remain competitive on the export market.

Tourism has also taken off (though slowly), presenting itself as a particularly appealing destination for eco-tourists.

It offers a gorgeous array of mountains, hot springs, waterfalls and fresh water lakes which have earned it the enticing nickname of ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’.

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