The Top 10 Richest Caribbean Countries – Jamaica Drops To 11


2. Puerto Rico – $27, 677 GDP per capita

Puerto Rico is the most competitive economy in Latin America, with an economy primarily driven by the manufacturing industry: 46% of GDP is derived from manufacture.

The most manufactured products are pharmaceuticals, electronics, textiles and petrochemicals. Poor in natural resources however, the island is very dependent on exterior trade with the US, Ireland and Japan for materials.

This means that the Puerto Rican economy is highly sensitive to the fluctuations of the world economy.

However, the archipelago also has a thriving services and tourist industry developed around the island’s natural beauty.


1. Bahamas – $31, 116 GDP per capita

The Bahamas soars to the top of our list thanks to its prosperous tourism industry. The idyllic island paradise makes the most of its natural splendour, attracting visitors from all around the world to its sandy shores.


With an estimated 5.7 million tourist arrivals in 2012, it is one of the most-visited Caribbean islands. Tourism boosts the Bahamian economy massively, accounting for 60% of GDP and providing employment for over half of the island’s population.

The Bahamas is also the third richest country in the Americas, following the United States and Canada.

To boot, the economy boasts a flourishing financial services industry which accounts for around 15% of GDP.

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