Top 10 Auckland's Most Expensive Homes Revealed

Top 10 Auckland’s Most Expensive Homes Revealed


Even in Auckland’s super-pricey housing market, some properties stand out.

Property market analysts ReLab have done the sums, and found what they think are the 10 most valuable homes in Auckland – and their combined value estimations push a mind-boggling $300 million.

Owned by rich-listers, businessmen and internet tycoons alike, these houses are valued between $20 million to $54m each, and represent the very top slice of all 470,000 occupied dwellings in Auckland.

Their values were estimated by Auckland-based property market analysts ReLab, which calculates estimations using its own algorithms, in mid December.


10. 131 Church Bay Road, Waiheke – worth $20.4m

131 Church Bay Road, Waiheke
131 Church Bay Road, Waiheke

Another one from New Zealand’s wealthiest man Graeme Hart.

Hart purchased the large plot of land containing several sections in 2004 and 2005 to build a streamlined white beach-house with a guest wing and swimming pool.

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