Top 10 Bad Driving Habits In New Zealand


Police installed red light cameras at a number of intersections in Auckland and Wellington where there have been a high number of fatal and serious collisions.

“Christmas is a busy time when we can be vulnerable to stress and look for ways to cut corners, such as driving a bit faster or taking a few more risks on the road to get somewhere faster,”

Eating while driving is the number one bad habit New Zealanders admitted to in a survey about dangerous driving behaviours.

More than half of drivers asked in the survey – commissioned by insurer IAG – confessed to munching while motoring (55 per cent), which although isn’t illegal can be distracting and take drivers’ concentration off the road.


Almost as many motorists (42 per cent) admitted they’d driven through a red or amber light in the past six months. The penalty for running a red light is a $150 fine.

Lets look at the it from the bottom up, The offense against the percentage.


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