Top 10 Beautiful Places To Visit In Zambia For Your Holidays


Despite high poverty levels and an overreliance on copper prices to keep cash flowing through the governmental coffers, Zambia has weathered the upheavals of post-colonial Africa better than most all of its near neighbors. This is not a country of coups and counter coups, but rather of democracy and capital investment. It’s a place where great engineering feats (just look to the Kariba Dam to see what we mean) sit side-by-side with natural wonders of the world: the winding Zambezi River; the gushing Victoria Falls.

Cities like Lusaka buzz with development, while old Copperbelt towns still churn out ores from their dusty hills. And all the while there’s Zambia’s wild side. This indifferently carries on all over the place. Antelopes hop and scurry through the miombo woods of the south, while elephants dodge leopards on the banks of Lake Tanganyika, and safari goers flock by their thousands to catch a glimpse of it all.


Lets explore the Top 10 Beautiful Places To Visit In Zambia For Your Holidays:

10. Sioma Ngwezi National park

Although ravaged by out-of-control poaching in past decades, the reserves of Sioma Ngwezi are now back on the up.

Once again pulling in the occasional crowd of visitors, they have been graced with the re-established presence of African elephants in recent years (there are now an estimated 3,000 individuals here, largely found on the park’s southern edge). There are also all the usual kudus and impala, along with the possibility of rare cheetah sightings to boot.

And what’s more, there are some luxury safari lodges to enjoy here, all within close distance to the pouring waters of the Ngonye Falls.

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