Top 10 Best Caribbean Medical Schools

Top 10 Best Caribbean Medical Schools

Compared to American medical schools, Caribbean medical schools are much cheaper and easier to get admission into.

The admission requirements for Caribbean medical schools has made it very easy to begin your journey to become a medical doctor.

As a result of this, many students around the world choose the Caribbean medical schools over the American medical schools.

In this post we have ranked the best medical schools in the Caribbean, the ranking is based on how the students of each of the school succeed on the USMLE, residency matching, research and the school facilities.


10. University of Medicine and Health Sciences

The University of Medicine and Health Sciences is a private, for-profit medical school located in Basseterre, Saint Kitts in the Caribbean. UMHS confers upon its graduates the Doctor of Medicine degree. The university also has a 5th semester campus in Portland, Maine and an administrative office in New York, New York

location: St Kitts and Nevis
basic science tuition: $13,100/semester
clinical science tuition: $14,750/semester
clinical rotations in the US

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