Top 10 Best High Schools In Auckland


Whatever the school, what does the best education look like, and how will you know when you see it? There are several elements, all of which have a bearing on the quality and value of education: curriculum, teaching, assessment, schedule, environment and culture.
The quality of education is in how these elements work together. A great curriculum is not enough if the assessment system values only part of it. A wonderful environment is not enough if the quality of teaching is poor. What makes a school great is having the balance and the dynamics right. How rich is the curriculum? How well do the teachers personalise their approach to each child? How much discretion and creativity does the school allow its teachers? How well does the school relate with parents and the community at large?

Based on ratings by parents, students and all others on the site we have been able to determine the best high school across Auckland for the year.

10. Lynfield College

Lynfield College is located in Auckland, Auckland. Lynfield College has 214 professors listed on


Lynfield College ranks 7 in Auckland. The average professor rating at Lynfield College is 4.31 stars.


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