Top 10 Best Schools In Jamaica By Academic Ranking For – 2021


Which is the best school in Jamaica?

In order to know which school is the best in academic ranking, we use a system that uses percentage of students passing five or more subjects including Mathematics and English.

Based on this system of ranking, we bring to you the top 10 Best Schools In Jamaica By Academic Ranking. The list is from the bottom up starting with number 10. Glance through, probably your school might be on the list.

10. Wolmer’s Boys School

The Sun of Learning breaking through the Clouds of Ignorance.
When the Trust was established in 1736 the seal was granted – the sun breaking through a cloud- symbolic of knowledge displacing ignorance. The School Crest is an impression of the original school seal and is dated 1741.


Based on the system of ranking, the school scored 94.84%.

9. Wolmer’s Girls School

Wolmer’s Boys’ School is committed to providing an academically stimulating environment where staff and students can realise educational, physical, social, spiritual and emotional growth.

This school scored 95.80% per the system of ranking and clocked number 9 on the ranking list.

8. Montego Bay High School

Montego Bay High School was established in 1935 by the Government of Jamaica because the parish of St. James had no high school for girls. It was the first Government owned high school for girls to be established on the island. The school is controlled by the Ministry of Education with a local Board of Management.

The school scored 96.10% making it number 8 on the list.

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