Top 10 Best Universities In The Caribbean And Tuition Fee


Students who are interested in enrolling in a Caribbean college but want to ensure they are enrolled in one of the top colleges in the Caribbean will enjoy this ranking. While attending college in the Caribbean has many obvious benefits, it is important that students ensure they are receiving a high-quality education. This can be done by ensuring that the school they are enrolled in is among the top universities in the Caribbean.

For students who want to earn a degree from an island college, we have compiled a list of our top colleges in the Caribbean. These programs have been selected for this ranking based upon a scoring system that takes into account the cost of tuition and the length of the program. The programs are ordered from lowest to highest scores. All of these programs have been accredited by nationally recognized accreditation boards and have had their nonprofit status verified.

Note that tuition rates listed below are based on cost per credit, and individual programs may have additional fees.


10. ALL SAINTS UNIVERSITY – Fee: $17,250

Ranked highly among our top Caribbean schools, All Saints University is a school of medicine located in the Caribbean. Founded in 2006, All Saints University is administered from a different campus located in Toronto, Ontario.

All Saints University focuses primarily on providing subsidized medical educations to its students. Most students enrolled at All Saints University receive scholarships that account for 50% of their tuition. Located in Roseau, Dominica, All Saints University is one of the top universities in the Caribbean.