Top 10 Bizzare Stories Jamaicans Believe Are True


There are so many stories we have been told since birth. Some of those stories are just fiction that is supposed to prevent us from doing certain things. Some of the stories were also just mere science mistaken for spirituality.

In this article, there are 10 of those stories that you were told to believe which might probably not be the truth.

10. Duppy

Duppy is a word of African origin commonly used in various Caribbean islands, including Barbados and Jamaica, meaning ghost or spirit. The word is sometimes spelled duffy.

It is both singular and plural. Much of Caribbean folklore revolves around duppy. Duppy are generally regarded as malevolent spirits. They are said to mostly come out and haunt people at night, and people from around the islands claim to have seen them.


9. Rolling Calves

Rolling Calves are a creature that you do not want to meet at night. Rolling Calves are huge, bull-like creatures with blazing red eyes (some say that fire exudes from its eyes) and a body that is wrapped in chains. The chains drag along behind it making an unnerving clanking noises that you can hear if a Rolling Calf is near by.

They are always male, and it is believed that they are the spirits of people, usually butchers, who were wicked and dishonest during their life time. They live in caves or in the roots of cotton/bamboo trees and caves during the day.
Rolling Calves roam roads during the night. They will block roads on travelers and chase them down.

In order to escape a Rolling Calf you can do a number of things. Dropping a number of objects on the ground will stop the Rolling Calf in its tracks as it will be compelled to count them. Running across the road before it is also believed to work and so is sticking a pen knife in the ground. Rolling Calves are also terrified of being beaten so threatening it with a whip held in your left hand will scare it off.


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