Top 10 Dancehall Artists You Should WatchOut For


Within these few years, dancehall music has undergone major revolution. The popular genre originating in Jamaica has adopted many different sounds and forming several different sub-genres such as the highly controversial genre, trap-dancehall.

Artists taking advantage of this have gained recognition in the space for their fresh take on dancehall. The dancehall space has also seen artists going back to the roots of the genre with successful results. With this, many of these artists’ careers show promise going into the new decade.

As lots of artists are coming into the Dancehall scene, there are lots of them that we have to listen to and support.


Here are Ten of the promising ones to look out for in 2021.

Kemar Highcon

Singer Kemar Highcon has definitely been riding the wave of the commercial success of his breakthrough single ‘So Saucy’ this year.

The already popular tune’s catchy lyrics and sound had already been snatched up by many widely recognized companies for use in advertisements and campaigns throughout the summer when he released an equally as successful counterpart track to ‘So Saucy’ in ‘Talk ‘Bout’. It isn’t hard to foresee the success of Kemar and we anxiously await it.