Top 10 Deadliest New Zealand Crimes Within The Last 3 Decades


A world without crime is quite impossible. Lots of crimes are committed on daily basis which makes it even more intriguing to have an entire world without crime.

This article is meant for informational purposes. It is meant to educate the public on crime by looking back at some crimes from history.

In this article, we provide you with the list of ten major crimes that occurred within the last three decades. While some of us where born during that time, some too were not yet born.


Lets take a look at Our Top 10 Deadliest New Zealand Crimes within the last 3 decades.

10. 1990 The Aramoana massacre

On 13 November David Gray killed 13 people, including a police sergeant, following an argument with a neighbour at the tiny Otago beach settlement of Aramoana. At the time this was New Zealand’s largest mass murder. Gray was shot dead the next day by police officers