Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa


Ever wondered which profession in South Africa gets you a paycheck that will keep you smiling even on the 15th of the month? Well let’s take a look at the top ten highest paying jobs in South Africa and how you can get there and we’ll let you choose which one you’d like to become. We start from ten and work our way to number one as you’re given each professions salary per annum.

10. Air-traffic controller

R456 171.00p.a

To qualify to become an Air-traffic controller in South Africa you firstly need to be a South African citizen, you cannot be younger than 18 years old and not 22 yet when starting basic military training. You need to be classified as being medically fit for duty by the Institute for Aviation Medicine. You would have needed to pass matric with having passed English as a subject, you would also need Mathematics (NSC Level 4) and geography is essential.

9. Software engineer

R559 584.00p.a

Your Journey would begin by attaining a South African National Senior Certificate. You need at least a 4 in English, 4 in Mathematics or a 5 in Mathematical Literacy. Most engineering positions will require a bachelor’s degree, majoring in software engineering will count greatly in your favour.

8. Lawyers

R571 671.00p.a

To become a lawyer in South Africa requires education, an apprenticeship, an admission exam and personal fitness. You will start with a four year course of studying to obtain your LLB Law Degree or a three year Bachelor’s Law Degree and then two additional years of studying. You will be required to complete your apprenticeship before writing the admission exam. Then finally the personal fitness; in a nutshell is when the law interviews applicants to investigate their morals and honesty to ensure that they intend to practice law with integrity.

7. Petroleum Engineers

R572 600.00p.a

You may need to strongly consider Mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, ecology, earth science, English, a foreign language and social sciences in high school to become a Petroleum Engineer. Thereafter you can do a four year course in Petroleum Engineering to obtain your Bachelor’s Degree; your Master’s Degree would be optional.

6. IT Managers

R780 159.00p.a

Step one requires a tertiary education; a Master’s Degree thereafter may improve job prospects for you. An internship will allow you to gain experience in this specific field and to even further advance your career you could; after becoming qualified and getting a job, obtain industry certification.


5. Chartered Accountant

R861 282.00p.a

Commitment would be the keyword when studying this profession. From high school you’ll need to spark with a level 5 pass in Mathematics, thereafter it’s undergraduate studies, post-graduate studies, a couple years of training and not forgetting the all-important bar exams.

4. Management Consultant

R984 878.00p.a

Mathematics is compulsory here, other recommended subjects that may count in your favour include; accounting, economics and business science. Tertiary education includes a Degree in Business Administration or a related field.

3. Pilot

R1 049 555.00p.a

Matric with Mathematics and Science is the foundation to this journey. Flying school to obtain your Student Pilot License is just another small building block in this practical journey.

2. Actuary

R1 271 287.00p.a

If you have a strong Mathematical capability then this job is suited for you. A degree, training and pass exams of the ‘Fellow of Actuarial Society’ and ‘Associate of the Actuarial Society’ and you’ll be on your way to enjoy a job anywhere in the world.

1. Medical Specialist

R4 767 807.00p.a

Neurosurgeons are usually the highest paid medical specialists. You can do a post-graduate program for specialist and subspecialist training. However, you need to be a graduate in medicine, must have completed your prescribed intern period and community service and you must be registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.


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