Top 10 Jamaican Dancehall Artists That Kills Everyone In Their Way From 90s To Date


Dancehall music in Jamaica is one of the toughest, toughest careers to persuade in the world.

If you can survive in the Jamaican Dancehall music industry, you must kill, you must murder and you must be hard to go down.

This murder I’m talking about is not knife murder, It is not a gun murder.

I’m talking about lyrical war where only the one who can kill another Deejay’s lyrics is the only one who can survive.

I’m talking about a war where the stage is the battlefield and the microphone is the only weapon.

Some do fight physically during the battle but I have never heard of a physical death on the Sting battlefield before.

This is not a ranking table so I’m going to place any random artist at any numbering and tell you why I think they deserve to be on this list.


Top 10 Jamaican Dancehall Artists That Kills Everyone In Their Way


1. Ninja Man

Ninja Man is lyrical monster. He kills every artist that steps on his battle field dead.

He spit flow like he was born with it. He is one of the popular artists to carry on the sting show since it was started.

He is a Sting Legend.

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Here is a video from Sting 1990 when Ninja man was about to kill one popular Deejay “Shabba Ranks”.

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