Top 10 Lands In Vietnam Where Pretty Girls Make Everyone Foolish


From the past, Vietnamese people have spread the land of convergence of many aesthetic people into the world. And over time, the beauty of the land girls is more evident than ever.

10. Hai Phong

Haiphong’s daughter has a modern touch. In the middle of a beautiful forest, Hai Phong girls still excel in charm by their charm, intelligence and sharpness. Hai Phong is the most beautiful daughter Thuy Nguyen with sweet white porcelain skin.

Hai Phong girls occupy quite high positions in beauty contests.


9. Northwest

North West girls have attractive beauty, balanced body is one of the advantages that many women in other regions are rare. Those who first come here are not sorry for the flowers in the middle of this mountain.

They are like the flower of the thousands.

8. Quang Ninh

Talking about the land to produce beautiful girls will be flawed if you ignore Quang Ninh. Although living in the North East Coast, famous coal mine of the country, Quang Ninh girls own skin whiteness.

In particular, the girls Yen Tu buddhist, Nam Mau village was dubbed as the royal court of women in favor of elegant beauty, radio.

In the past, this place has owned many aesthetics of kingship in favor.


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