Top 10 Lands In Vietnam Where Pretty Girls Make Everyone Foolish


7. Da Lat

Enjoying a mild, mild climate all year round, the sweet beauty of Dalat’s daughter makes the visitors feel like it is not difficult to understand.

Da Lat inherently dreamed, every scene every moment is romantic, the sudden encounter of sunshine smile, cheek red cheeks of Da Lat girls hidden behind the wool scarf enough to make many guys drunk scene And into love.

Da Lat girls with characteristic white skin, red cheeks cheeky.


6. Muong Le, Thanh Hoa

Thai girls – Muong Le Thanh Hoa from ancient to present beauty, salty, not only neighboring village always catching his wife but also tigers – lord jungle forest also presented stalking.


Legend has it that about a hundred years ago,  one morning, a beautifully salubrious daughter was sitting at the foot of the stairs combing her hair, suddenly from where a tiger moved quickly and grabbed the girl away. . The villagers repeatedly went to the forest in search of hopelessness, until afterwards they received the news: the girl was still alive but because the tiger loved her, she could not return.

Over time Thai girls here still beating many boys.
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