Top 1o most beautiful zambian musicians

Top 10 Most Beautiful Zambian Female Artists 2019


8. Shatel

The group Shatel started singing in 1996 with Saboi, Thandi and Barbra. Like they say, three is a crowd so the group later was left for Saboi and Barbra to continue as a duet.

The group was called Shatel from the word shuttle to mean the sky is the limit. They performed at many shows and won many competitions, the main one being the then annual Women in Music where they were spotted by many would-be promoters.

The first single from Shatel, Niswalele, appeared on the Rhythm Nation Project and went on to secure the ladies’ first record label with Mondo Music, which was by then the country’s biggest and best music label.
Subsquently, their first album “Chikondi” was recorded under Mondo Music in 2001 and the album got Shatel and Zambia the first Kora nomination in South Africa, shows in Japan and made them to travel extensively locally.


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