Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The Caribbean


When visiting the Caribbean, your safety should be your priority. These are the 10 most dangerous cities to avoid for now.

Whenever we think of the Caribbean, it is easy for our minds to automatically connect with a vision of the sun, beach and clear-blue water. After all, the most exotic and beautiful sights on this earth are hidden in the islands of the Caribbean. Nevertheless, the Caribbean remains more than what meets the touristic eye. Once we look past the exoticism, we can sadly find crime, civil unrest, political corruption, controversy, poverty and several other societal disadvantages. As such, not all areas can be considered visitor-friendly.

As a tourist looking to explore the unknown, it remains empirical to remain informed on the safe places to go as well as those to avoid. Although it’s important to highlight the fear of crime in the Caribbean is often overblown, you may still want to consult this list of the Caribbean’s most dangerous cities before planning your next trip.


10. Nassau, Bahamas

In general, the Bahamas can be considered as the safest option on this list–yet one must still proceed with caution. While violent crime does not occur often, there has been an increase in specific places like Nassau.

Despite the city being highly touristic, which tends to result in an increase in security, the danger may still lurk in less developed residential parts of the town. It is therefore always best to be cautious of one’s belongings, use better judgment and avoid high-risk behaviors. Mostly, reports of pick-pocketing and petty theft have been reported, especially in nightclubs and restaurants.