Top 10 Most Dangerous Towns In New Zealand –


You can be really careful but one thing I’m so sure of is the fact that you can’t be careful all the time. Don’t let it be too late, know the most dangerous places in New Zealand so you don’t get caught up in those places unsecured.

Where were people hit hardest by crime over the last few years – and why?

Crime is something that happens everywhere on planet earth which New Zealand is not an exception. Using data released by Statistics New Zealand we were able to determine which places in New Zealand were more dangerous than others.

The data set released by Statistics New Zealand is the total of assault, se.xual assault and robberies – not broken down by the individual offence categories – and does not include crimes committed inside dwellings, such as residential homes, in order to protect privacy.

This article is not to scare you by any means. It is only to alert you to be more careful when moving around these areas especially at night.

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If you suspect any criminal activity, Phone 111 and ask for Police

10. Newton, Auckland

Newton is a small suburb of Auckland City, New Zealand, under the local governance of the Auckland Council

Newton is an artsy quarter with edgy galleries, vintage clothing stores and buzzing nightlife on Karangahape Road (known as “K Road”). Young creatives hang out in LGBT clubs, basement bars and rowdy live music venues. Popular walking and jogging routes follow steep volcanic slopes in Western Park. Nearby, the multicultural Mount Albert district has a lively market known for Asian and Polynesian street foods.

Even though all the nice stories above are very true, petty crimes are inevitable. People do rob others of their things, rape women and snatch people’s cell phones at knife-point.

9. New Plymouth Central

New Plymouth is a city on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island. It’s known for its coastal walkway stretching from Bell Block to Port Taranaki. Te Rewa Rewa Bridge has views of towering Mount Taranaki. The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery shows contemporary exhibitions. Close by, Pukekura Park has botanical gardens and birdlife. Subalpine forests and waterfalls characterise Egmont National Park to the south.

This place may seem very calm but crimes do happen there as well. From se.xual assaults to snatching peoples’ phones at a knife-point. These are common crimes that go on in this area often.