Top 10 Most Developed Countries in the World 2018 – New Zealand Among Top 8


What are the most developed countries in the world? What does it mean to live in a developed country? You can imagine anything you want whatever it is as living in a developed country provides you with all what you may need for living a luxurious life. In the developed countries, you can enjoy excellent education, perfect health care, high average life expectancy, economic welfare, high standard of living, large number of job opportunities, amenities, recreational facilities and extreme happiness.

Is there anything else that you may dream of for yourself and family to live happily? There are different criteria that are used for ranking the most developed countries in the world but the most common one is the HDI which is short for Human Development Index.

You will find that there are countries which are ranked low on the following list while they are thought by many people to be ranked higher as the most developed countries in the world and there are also some countries which are not thought to be among the highly developed countries but are ranked here.

Let’s discover more about the top 10 highly developed countries in the world. Ranking the following countries is based on the Human Development Index which is usually referred to as HDI.


10. Denmark – 0.900

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Denmark is ranked as the 10th most developed country in the world by Human Development Index (HDI) since the score that it got is 0.900. What makes

Denmark ranked among the highly developed countries is that it has a modern mixed economy which is highly developed, is ranked as the 19th country in the world in GDP (PPP) per capita which is $37,794, has the highest level of income equality, ranked high by workers’ rights and economic freedom, is the Europe’s easiest place for doing business, has the freest labor market, offers low costs for establishing business and has high standard of living. The life expectancy in Denmark is 79.5 years to be 77 among men and 82 among women.