Top 10 Most Powerful Jamaican Women 2017


The accomplishments, tenacity and fortitude of Jamaican women are well known and Shaggy proclaimed as much in his hit song, ‘Strength of a Woman’.

More women than men graduate from UWI and more often than not women are the anchors of Jamaican households.

So here Oceansvibe presents our list of the 10 most powerful women in Jamaica

 1. Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller

She has been a professional politician throughout her career and is generally acknowledged as one of the most popular Prime Ministers in the Caribbean.


Her hugs are legendary .Her emotional intelligence and ability to connect with the electorate has been her calling card for many years.

She has made Shaggy’s ‘Strength of a Woman’ her personal anthem.  It is said that she can carry a general election all by herself which makes her political dynamite.

2. Mayor of Kingston, Angela Brown Burke

The lady who holds the keys to the capital and sees to it that one of the leading cities of the Caribbean is well run and adequately services its citizens.

Always diligent, she has garnered a reputation as a woman who can ably execute and understands political machinations.