Top 10 Most Wanted Australian Criminals


While crime is high in Australia, Police can’t fight all the crime on their own. They are doing their best to make the country a safer place for all citizens but they can’t make the country safe without our help.

Since you and I can’t arrest criminals because we were not trained to do so, the best thing to do is call on the police when we suspect or see someone in the act. In here, I have the top 10 most wanted criminals by Australia police.

Phone 000 and ask for Police (e.g if you see or are near this person and your information may lead to their quick arrest).

Phone or visit your nearest Police Station (e.g. if this person is not near you, but you have useful information about them).


Phone Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 (e.g. if you have information about this person but want to provide that information anonymously).


I do not by any means own any content on this page. The contents from this page were sourced  from the Australia Police website.

The people featured here are sought by Australia Police for arrest. For your own safety, Police recommend you DO NOT approach or confront any of these people at any time.

Graham Gene Potter

Australia’s most wanted man, Graham Gene Potter, looks like a middle-aged salesman, but he is a monster who decapitated a woman on his buck’s night and used a fat suit to evade capture for seven years.

He has been described as a “master of disguise” and is wanted for two counts of conspiracy to murder in Brunswick, Victoria in 2008.

Potter served 15 years in Sydney’s Long Bay Jail over the 1981 decapitation murder of Kim Barry, 19, in Wollongong, while on his buck’s night. He was later granted bail but then failed to appear. Several sightings of Potter have been reported over the past decade but police are yet to capture him.


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