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Top 10 Pakistani Richest People And Their Net-worth Forbes Release 2017


5. Sadruddin Hashwani:

Net Worth: $1.1 billion
Sadruddin Hashwani is the chairman of Hashoo Group which has large investments in the fields of pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, tourism, real estate development and IT. His net worth has moved up to $1.1 billion in 2017.

6. Malik Riaz Hussain:

Net Worth: $1.1 billion
Malik Riaz Hussain is certainly one of the most well-known Pakistani personalities in the world. The business tycoon is the owner of Asia’s largest private real estate company, Bahria Town. His current 2017 known net worth is around $1.1 billion but according to some estimations, it is actually over $2 billion.


7. Mian Muhammad Mansha:

Net Worth: $1 billion
The chairman and CEO of Nishat Group, MCB Bank Ltd and Adamjee Group, Mian Muhammad Mansha is currently the 2nd richest person in Pakistan. He is considered among the most powerful and influential personalities in the country. With a net worth of $1 billion, Mian Mansha has now ranked at 937th place among the richest people in the world.

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