Top 6 Super Cool Places To Relax During Singapore Holidays


All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. Hard-work is key to success but sometimes you have to take some days off work to relax and take a look at the world. Singapore is a very nice and big country but not really nice when you are stuck in one corner during Singapore holidays or vacations.

The more opened you are to the world, the more you grow healthy and strong. Sometimes visiting different places helps your brain to relax and get ready for another job.

Since your health and happiness is very important to me,I have prepared top six super cool places to go during your Singapore Holidays.

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1. Sentosa

Sentosa island
Ask anybody in Singapore that you want a very quiet and peaceful place to relax and they can’t give you any direction without mentioning Sentosa.

The most peaceful part of this Island lies along the Palawan beach. There are lots of food stalls and bars along the beach where you can get some drinks to sip on as you enjoy the breezy.

Universal Studios Singapore


Not forgetting the Universal Studios Singapore, that place is especially great when you are on Singapore vacations with your family. Noisy most of the time but very fun if your idea of relaxation has a lot today with having fun.

That is the only place you can enter the scenes we watch in movies in real life. You are going to take tons of photos out there so grab your camera when going.


2. Singapore Botanic Garden

27-e Botanic Garden
To me, this is one of the most amazing places in Singapore. This is the perfect place for you if you are on vacations in Singapore. The fragrant smell from all different types of flowers and the fresh air a lone can make you never want to leave this place. This is also one of the places you can’t go without taking photos. Even if you are not a photo lover, you will still take photos.


3. Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park Entrance
As far as relaxation is concerned during holidays or vacations, music is one key factor to a more relaxed body.

If you agree with me on that, how about a more nature produced music? Bird sounds are very great to listen to even more than studio recorded music. The only place you can hear different types of birds sing to your ears at the same time is Jurong Bird Park. This place is also really amazing for relaxing.


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